Resources that Can Help

News and information that can help you in your search for balance.

The resources below are intended to help individuals and their families better understand how therapy can play a positive role in their lives.  For those starting their journey or are researching ways to help a loved one process a traumatic event, these resources may help identify potential avenues for counseling.

Finding the right balance of counseling and processing techniques for your individual growth will help you “unstick” your current frame of mind and move forward towards happiness.


After experiencing the death of a loved one, we often find ourselves dealing with emotions and situations that not only feel uncomfortable, but are meet with misunderstanding by those around us. This video helps voice these complex feelings and acknowledges the elements of the grief process. If you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a loved one, this video helps articulate those intense thoughts.


The following video includes examples of the effects of trauma. Intended to visually illustrate the impact of complex trauma, parts of this video may trigger latent emotions.


Video Credit to Elizabeth S. Licht.