Improve Relationships Through Understanding

Community Workshops

Individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the

grief process and provide auxiliary support to family

members or clients may find the tools and resources they

need through our workshops.


Upcoming workshops

·        Helping Children Understand Grief (September 2017 - CU Credits Available for Licensed Practitioners)

·        Supporting Vietnam Veterans (February 2018)

·        PTSD (TBD)

·        Past workshops

·        Creating a Visual Path for Anxiety Relief


Professional Workshops

Organizations looking to enhance their team’s skillset

may schedule customized workshops to further target their

unique needs. Designed precisely for your industry, these

training sessions will provide invaluable insight and specific

techniques that can be utilized immediately.


Each workshop begins with an in-depth conversation on

your current challenges and desired outcomes. Based on

this conversation, a curriculum and materials will be

designed specifically to your needs. The end result is more

caring and balanced environment.


Speaking Engagements

Michelle has been a past speaker at the The Moyer

Foundation's National Bereavement Camp Conference in

Chicago The conference is geared towards professionals

seeking to "provide an overview of bereavement camp

structures and best practices nationwide through an

interactive forum of exchange, learning and collaboration.

Participants share advances in research, timely clinical

information, and programmatic ideas and support for new

or existing bereavement camps. Attendees will walk away

with knowledge on how to create, implement and evaluate

quality bereavement camps."


Michelle frequently collaborates with West Virginia

University and local private schools for in-class

presentations on course related topics.


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