"You don’t know."

As members of our military, soldiers are frequently placed into situations that civilians are unable to fully comprehend.  Elements of combat, concentrated violence, secretive information, and life-saving camaraderie, can be overwhelming and upsetting outside a military environment.  Coupled with the transition from a regimented lifestyle to civilian life, our soldiers can find themselves feeling unbalanced and unsupported.


“I don’t fit in.”

“They won’t understand.”

“You don’t get it.”


One of the many ways I help our soldiers adjust to the
events of their careers is to acknowledge their experiences.  Helping them to calmly and systematically address the traumatic events in their life, we develop a set of skills and resources that they can draw from in their daily routine. For some, this means addressing the “moral injuries” that stem from combat situations.


While I can’t erase the negative events of their careers, I can help our soldiers adapt their world-view expectations and adjust to a civilian life filled with balance and happiness.